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Kitten Agreement

Kittens displayed on this web page are NOT available unless clearly stated as such but we always welcome enquires.

All our kittens are pure bred pedigree from PKD (polycystic kidney disease) NEGATIVE parents hence Assoluta Exotics can guarantee all kittens to be PKD negative.

Finding the right home is very important to us at Assoluta, so please, when enquiring, provide as much information as possible about your home/other pets/young children...etc.

All our kittens leave for their new homes at a minimum of 12 weeks. They will be fully litter trained /vaccinated/ health checked and wormed. Also included is the cats' pedigree / information pack / four weeks insurance.

A non returnable deposit is required unless we, the breeders have to cancel the sale for whatever reason.

So then - what is the difference between a pet and a show/breeding cat?


Kittens sold as pets are often of the same standard as those sold for show / breeding.

The main difference (apart from the price) is that under no circumstances can they be bred from without the express permission of the breeder.

As a result, they will be GCCF registered on the non- active register.


Kittens sold for show/ breeding are those that we, the breeder feel SHOULD fulfil either/ or category.

However, this is only our opinion and guarantees nothing.

If a kitten is sold for breeding and fails to do so, provided full veterinary proof is supplied confirming that the problem is fundamentally ours we will replace the kitten when a suitable substitute e becomes available.

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