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Imperial Grand Champion

Maewyn Merlin

Black Exotic

Finchfield Xclusive

out of

Maewyn Blaize



An Amazing boy!


Now a Grand Champion.


Judges Reports.

Typy black boy just a tad over one year of age who has such a lovely gentle expressive face. Excellent top of head with short broad snub nose and rounded full cheeks. Beautiful round eyes of a deep orange with a firm chin to complete his balance. Compact body, low and boxy, covered in a very plush sound black shining coat that had been expertly prepared. Short in proportion thick tail.

AND now his reports in the Grand Champion classes.


Super young boy with round smooth head and small ears set well down.
Large round eyes of dense copper and short broad nose. Acceptable bite and strong jaw. Short cobby body covered in a thick dense black coat showing some lighter undercoat which I would expect at this time of the year. Lovely temperament to this young lad of just twelve months of age would love to see
him as he matures.

An affectionate young man who rubbed against the side of his pen when he saw us approaching. He had good type with a wide top of head, a short broad nose and bold orange eyes of good shape and size. Well developed cheeks, acceptable bite, balanced chin. His cobby body was covered with a well prepared glossy black coat which was just a little paler at the roots today.


Black exotic lad of nearly two years old. Lovely bone structure and very good weight, short cobby body set low on the legs. Ears are well set just a little open at the base. Skull is well formed. Cheeks showing a lovely width. Bite a touch undershot. Eyes are large and round and a deep orange colouring. Short snub nose with a good stop and nice size leather and nostrils. Jet black coat which is sound in colour to the roots, very well presented, soft in texture and a gloss is evident. Standing away from the body. Short well covered tail.

Grand Champion

Assoluta Artaxerxes Mnemon

Black Exotic

Imperial Grand Champion Maewyn Merlin

Black Exotic


Assoluta Lauretta Schicchi

Tortie Tabby Exotic

Show Brags


Central longhair

1st open and BOB

Best in Show Exotic Kitten

Colourpoint Cat Club

1st open and BOB

Nominated Best in Show Kitten

Hertfordshire and Middlesex Cat Club

1st open class and first CC

Coventry and Leicester Cat Club

1st open class and second CC

Cambridgeshire Cat Club

1st open class and third CC

Bedford and District Cat Club

1st open class and fourth CC

Black and White Cat Club

1st open class , best of breed and 1st Grand CC


Colourpoint Cat Club

1st open and 2nd Grand CC. All red day. Nominated best in show

Hertfordshire and Middlesex Cat Club

1st open class and third Grand CC. Best of Breed and nominated best in show




Gentlemen in Clover


Neutered boys who are now living a life of luxury, rest and relaxation or who no longer with us.


Everyone's favourite personality!

Now living with our good friend Carole Phillips and still loving being shown.

The latest judge's report.

Colourpoint Cat Club

Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic. Lovely well-balanced Persian type. Cobby body on short thick legs. Round
head with excellent width between neat ears. Round eyes of a good copper colour. Very short broad
nose with good break and blue leather. Full fat cheeks, strong chin. Good bite. Lovely soft texture to
coat which stands away from the body. Rich red coat with well defined Tabby markings. M to
forehead, spectacles around eyes, spotted whisker pads, thumb prints to ears with unbroken necklaces
to neck and upper chest. Tail well ringed and in proportion.

A playful and affectionate Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic. Lovely type, good bite and eye
colour. Coat of good quality and showing clear tabby markings. Bars on the legs and rings on
the short thick tail.


Assoluta Orlando Paladino

Born 26th August 2015

Imp Gr Ch Maewyn Merlin

out of

Hadfields Firedup

Show Brags

Unbeaten as a kitten in 2016 creating a small sensation. What a personable baby!

Now starting on his adult show career.


Colourpoint Cat Club

1st open and first CC. All red day. Best of breed and nominated best in show.

Also special award from the steward for the friendliest cat.

Midland Counties Cat Show

1st open and second CC

Cambria Cat Show

1st open and third CC

Well done to our lovely boy and a big thankyou to Carole Phillips for showing him so well.



Assoluta Mio Babbino Caro

Born 13th May 2013

Champion Westholme Unchain Myheart

Blue Tabby Exotic


Hadfields Next Topmodel

Tortie Tabby Exotic

Now happily living in retirement as a lovely pet



Westholme Split Decision

70 40 5

Westholme Burntedges 13b5


Westholme Fancythat 70 40 6

Passed away peacefully on December 5th 2013



Assoluta Di Quella Pira

70 13b1

Westholme Split Decision 70 40 5


Grand Champion Assoluta Leonora Divargas

70 40 1

Exotic Cat Club 3rd April 2010 1st Open and 1st CC

( Mrs. L. Martin)

Colourpoint Cat Club 18th April 2010 1st Open and 2nd CC

( Mrs. P. Perkins)

Midland Counties Cat Club 23rd May 2010 1st Open BOB and 3rd CC

( Mrs. B. Prowse)


Many thanks to all his judges, supporters and admirers.


Assoluta Giulio Cesare

70 40 2

Cazsan Ballo Inmaschera 70 40 1


Caszan La Cenerentola 70 40 1

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